• An innovative food supplement that has a positive effect on the brain system

    Ethnodyne Neuro

    An innovative food supplement
    that has a positive effect on the brain system


  • Ethnodyne Visio

    Ethnodyne Visio

    A new nutritional supplement
    which helps to preserve and
    maintain your vision with age !

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  • Galanga +

    Galanga +

    Maintain your natural defences
    Resistance to stress and allergies

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  • Ethnodyne laboratory


    Science and Traditional Medecine
    harnessed in the battle against aging

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  • What the press are saying about us!

    What the press
    are saying
    about us !

    Press release for our product launch

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Our products

  • ETHNODYNE NEURO is a food supplement developed by Ethnodyne laboratory. It is composed of plant-based active ingredients acting in synergy on brain system to improve short-term and long-term memory and relieve and prevent stress.

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  • 4 Review(s)

    Dear customers, We managed to reduce drastically the production costs of Ethnodyne Visio in France, in order to maintain the benefit for our users, and spread the use of this efficient compound. Starting from the 1st of January 2016, the new Ethnodyne Visio price will be 49,00 € including ATI and delivery costs. Innovative patented food supplement for...

    46,45 €
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  • 6 Review(s)

    Maintain the natural defences. Resistance to stress et allergies.

    30,33 €
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Ethnodyne laboratory

Constant medical progress combined with global and continuous improvements in lifestyle have both prolonged life and improved its quality over the past century.

However, there is no escaping the fact that aging can be accompanied by a number of unwanted effects, unpleasant to varying degrees, related to the reduction in our physical functions and capacities, not to mention the all too frequent development of a range of often serious diseases.

Laboratoire ETHNODYNE has opted to market products that have been developed within the company and belong to the world of cosmetics, food supplements and the regulations governing these.

The vocation and ambition of these products are to promote the prevention and alleviation of deterioration of the various tissues and functions (skin, memory, physical performance, etc.) that develop at a variable rate with age, and their use as an adjuvant treatment alongside medical treatments conventionally used for diseases that occur in old age.