Our values

Ethnodyne’s values

Ethnodyne’s values


Ingredients and supply: ETHNODYNE is committed to rigorously selecting only the finest ingredients. We thoroughly control and test every plant and extract so that only ingredients of impeccable quality are selected.


Traceability: we analyse every plant, extract and ingredient to be used in our products and catalogue them in the data bank that ETHNODYNE shares with a particular CNRS research team. This data bank has millions of pieces of information on sources and manufacturers, thereby creating a personal “identity card” for every ingredient and ensuring irreproachable traceability.


ETHNODYNE ensures the safety of its products and remains committed to complying with the strictest manufacturing regulations. In addition to efficacy testing, all regulatory testing (and toxicity testing in particular) is performed in compliance with the requirements of competent regulatory bodies.


ETHNODYNE is committed to providing clear, precise information to consumers.

Our nutritional supplements are not medications and should not be considered as such. In no way should our supplements replace your usual treatments.

Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for a varied, balanced diet. For your health and well-being, you should eat at least five fruit and vegetables a day and engage in regular physical exercise.

It is up to you to consult your physician or another health care worker to get professional advice on a specific health problem. Current European legislation on nutritional supplements does not authorise us to mention any claims on this website other than the claims that are found within the European Community’s List of Permitted Nutrition and Health claims. You can find additional information in documents that discuss Phytotherapy and the use of plants. Some of these documents can be accessed through links found on this site.


ETHNODYNE is committed to respecting biodiversity: the plant elements that serve as the basis of our products come from live, wild plants or from cultivated medicinal plants. ETHNODYNE is committed to selecting partners whose gathering and growing practices respect biodiversity.


In addition to its quality commitment, ETHNODYNE is also committed to dealing with quality suppliers and small-scale producers. As a natural extension of ETHNODYNE’s desire to provide its customers with quality, effective products resulting from good agricultural and manufacturing practices, the company also wishes to support local, small-scale producers as part of its efforts to respect environmental biodiversity. ETHNODYNE is especially concerned about the viability of aromatic and medicinal plant growers and gatherers in France and across the globe.