The Laboratoire Ethnodyne

Development & Manufacturing

Our food supplements are made from herbs whose effects have been revealed in traditional societies and validated by the most modern scientific techniques.

The ambition of the laboratory is to offer products whose effectiveness is proven, on biological models and / or clinical studies.

Recent advances in science have significantly improved the means of production, extraction and analysis of plant compounds .

These important advances enhance product efficiency while minimizing the impact on the environment.


The ETHNODYNE laboratory uses these new processes, more advanced and more secure which lead to the manufacture of products with considerably optimized natural properties and a perfect traceability .

An "identity card" for each ingredient
Each plant, extract or active principle used in the composition of the products is analyzed and listed in the Ethnodyne company database... This database is rich in millions of information about sources, producers ... it defines the personal "identity card" of each ingredient and guarantees an exemplary traceability.