The Laboratoire Ethnodyne

The founders

  • • Medical doctor
  • • Founder of LIERAC Laboratories
  • • An expert in traditional medicines

Dr Léon Cariel is the physician who founded Lierac Laboratories. Throughout his professional career, he has never ceased to show interest in the pharmacopoeias of traditional medicines.

From product conception to product development, his contribution to Laboratoire Ethnodyne laboratory is something to behold, thanks to his expertise in Ayurvedic and Asian medicines, which both constitute an invaluable natural source of molecules leading to innovative and effective products.

Dr Chérif Rabhi
Technical and Operations Director
  • • Doctor of Science
  • • Former Scientific Director in various pharmaceutical groups
  • • Specialized in the synthesis of natural molecules

Dr Chérif Rabhi is a Doctor of Science, who graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Châtenay-Malabry. He is specialized in the extraction and synthesis of molecules of biological and therapeutic interest.

Former Technical and Operations Director in various pharmaceutical groups, he is today the Scientific Director of Laboratoire Ethnodyne.